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Hi, everyone,

I’ve uploaded a new favicon image file to my Mautic root directory using cPanel File Manager. However, there is no change in the favicon display of my browser tab. Can you offer a solution for how to replace my favicon image?

See the attached screenshot of the favicon log record:

Harold Huggins
devCED Team

Its quite possible there is cache involved. Try force reloading the page.

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  1. Use a different browser (i.e. give a try to a different browser that you don’t have on your computer yet)
  • If it works, you’ll need to change the name/path of your favicon in order to force an update on visitors browsers (that isn’t a silver bullet - but can work)

More info here on how to declare a favicon (W3 School):

If it doesn’t work;
2) Check permission (0644, like you have, is the correct file permission) by accessing directly your favicon using a browser or anything else like cURL or wget.

Still, browser cache is probably the “problem”.

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cPanel’s support team ran the following CLI:

[17:06:36 team root@95129462 ~]cPs# mv -v /home/mautic/public_html/mautic.devced.com/media/images/favicon.ico{,-backup}
renamed ‘/home/mautic/public_html/mautic.devced.com/media/images/favicon.ico’ → ‘/home/mautic/public_html/mautic.devced.com/media/images/favicon.ico-backup’

[17:06:44 team root@95129462 ~]cPs# cp -avp /home/mautic/public_html/mautic.devced.com/favicon.ico /home/mautic/public_html/mautic.devced.com/media/images/favicon.ico
‘/home/mautic/public_html/mautic.devced.com/favicon.ico’ → ‘/home/mautic/public_html/mautic.devced.com/media/images/favicon.ico’


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