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Form editor will not accept html attribute same as previously used


I had a Campaign form for which I wanted to add more actions so I cloned it and made it a Standalone form. I use the html attribute field to integrate the fields with my web site. I noticed the cloned form automatically changed the html attributes and thus broke the integration, e.g. first-name became firstname.

So, I deleted the fields to re-add them, but when I enter the html attribute I need, like first-name, then Update, it’s removing the dash character, saving it as firstname. Note I already deleted the old Campaign form so I don’t think uniqueness in dB should be issue.

Thanks so much for any ideas to resolve this issue!

Bob H.

Here’s another similar issue: Added a new field to a form called “Message” and set the html attribute field to message. However, upon save, Mautic automatically updated it to f_message

I suspect deleted fields are saved in dB and the html attribute is unique, thus Mautic is changing my entry. I guess I can check the dB and if this is indeed the case, then delete those rows from the table. But not sure if this could cause other problems.