Form - Skip Questions Based on Answers


I’m looking for a way to put questions in a form and according to the answer, show the remaining questions.

Basic example:
Do I want to be contacted?

If the answer is NO, end the form and record the answer.

If YES show the next question that is, for example, select the preferred time to be contacted.
after the preferred time selected, save the answer and record

Thank you

Hi, it looks pretty straight forward to me, you just have to configure the fields correctly:

Or did I misunderstood the question?

Yes this is what I did.
But when I test it I only see yes or no and the submit button.

And when I select Yes and submit it finish the form, not showing the field based on selected value.

If I use the url to the form with SSL not show the fields based on selected value, but if i use the URL without SSL it works

Chek the browser console for any JS errors as well, it might give as a hint on how to resolve the issue.

I checked that the form was being loaded on http url and the page with https.

When I checked the Mautic configuration see that the Site URL in the General Configurations was an http.
Changed to Https and the form start working.

Thank’s for your help