Form submission works fine but Address Line 1 remains blank

I created a standard form with first name, last name, street address, company name etc etc etc.

A new contact is created with the info from form filled in but it missing the street address and it remain blank.

I double checked and make sure that form street address field is set to Address Line 1 which is it set to.

The City and State does show up on the contact just not the Address Line 1.’

Is there a setting I missed or is it a bug needed to be report or intended not to save street address on contact?

Edit: I forgot to add that the street address does display in the email sent out after form submission but still blank in Contact’s Address Line 1

Thank you

Never mind … I got that one sorted …

I didn’t notice that there are two seperate “Address 1” One for contact and one for company …

All good now …