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Found some new CLI commands in 4.0 release

Found some interesting console commands after upgrading to 4.0. You can see for yourself by running your cron without the function but adding


example ** your-cron-prefix/my-mautic/my-mautic-subdomain/bin/console --raw**
will give you this output:

about                                    Display information about the current project
help                                     Display help for a command
list                                     List commands
assets:install                           Install bundle's web assets under a public directory
cache:clear                              Clear the cache
cache:pool:clear                         Clear cache pools
cache:pool:delete                        Delete an item from a cache pool
cache:pool:list                          List available cache pools
cache:pool:prune                         Prune cache pools
cache:warmup                             Warm up an empty cache
config:dump-reference                    Dump the default configuration for an extension
dbal:run-sql                             Executes arbitrary SQL directly from the command line.
debug:autowiring                         List classes/interfaces you can use for autowiring
debug:config                             Dump the current configuration for an extension
debug:container                          Display current services for an application
debug:event-dispatcher                   Display configured listeners for an application
debug:form                               Display form type information
debug:router                             Display current routes for an application
debug:swiftmailer                        Displays current mailers for an application
debug:translation                        Display translation messages information
debug:twig                               Show a list of twig functions, filters, globals and tests
doctrine:cache:clear-collection-region   Clear a second-level cache collection region
doctrine:cache:clear-entity-region       Clear a second-level cache entity region
doctrine:cache:clear-metadata            Clears all metadata cache for an entity manager
doctrine:cache:clear-query               Clears all query cache for an entity manager
doctrine:cache:clear-query-region        Clear a second-level cache query region
doctrine:cache:clear-result              Clears result cache for an entity manager
doctrine:database:create                 Creates the configured database
doctrine:database:drop                   Drops the configured database
doctrine:database:import                 Import SQL file(s) directly to Database.
doctrine:ensure-production-settings      Verify that Doctrine is properly configured for a production environment
doctrine:fixtures:load                   Load data fixtures to your database
doctrine:mapping:convert                 Convert mapping information between supported formats
doctrine:mapping:import                  Imports mapping information from an existing database
doctrine:migrations:diff                 Generate a migration by comparing your current database to your mapping information.
doctrine:migrations:dump-schema          Dump the schema for your database to a migration.
doctrine:migrations:execute              Execute a single migration version up or down manually.
doctrine:migrations:generate             Generate a blank migration class.
doctrine:migrations:latest               Outputs the latest version number
doctrine:migrations:migrate              Execute a migration to a specified version or the latest available version.
doctrine:migrations:rollup               Rollup migrations by deleting all tracked versions and insert the one version that exists.
doctrine:migrations:status               View the status of a set of migrations.
doctrine:migrations:up-to-date           Tells you if your schema is up-to-date.
doctrine:migrations:version              Manually add and delete migration versions from the version table.
doctrine:query:dql                       Executes arbitrary DQL directly from the command line
doctrine:query:sql                       Executes arbitrary SQL directly from the command line.
doctrine:schema:create                   Executes (or dumps) the SQL needed to generate the database schema
doctrine:schema:drop                     Executes (or dumps) the SQL needed to drop the current database schema
doctrine:schema:update                   Executes (or dumps) the SQL needed to update the database schema to match the current mapping metadata
doctrine:schema:validate                 Validate the mapping files
elfinder:install                         Copies elfinder assets to public directory
fos:oauth-server:clean                   Clean expired tokens
fos:oauth-server:create-client           Creates a new client
lint:container                           Ensure that arguments injected into services match type declarations
lint:twig                                Lint a template and outputs encountered errors
lint:xliff                               Lint an XLIFF file and outputs encountered errors
lint:yaml                                Lint a file and outputs encountered errors
mautic:assets:generate                   Combines and minifies asset files from each bundle into single production files
mautic:broadcasts:send                   Process contacts pending to receive a channel broadcast.
mautic:cache:clear                       Clears Mautic's cache
mautic:campaigns:execute                 Execute specific scheduled events.
mautic:campaigns:rebuild                 Rebuild campaigns based on contact segments.
mautic:campaigns:trigger                 Trigger timed events for published campaigns.
mautic:campaigns:validate                Validate if a contact has been inactive for a decision and execute events if so.
mautic:citrix:sync                       Synchronizes registrant information from Citrix products
mautic:contacts:deduplicate              Merge contacts based on same unique identifiers
mautic:custom-field:create-column        Create custom field column in the background
mautic:donotsell:download                Fetch remote do not sell list from MaxMind
mautic:email:fetch                       Fetch and process monitored email.
mautic:emails:send                       Processes SwiftMail's mail queue
mautic:import                            Imports data to Mautic
mautic:import:directory                  Import CSV files from directory
mautic:import:parallel                   Parallel import for Mautic
mautic:install                           Installs Mautic
mautic:install:data                      Installs Mautic with sample data
mautic:integration:fetchleads            Fetch leads from integration.
mautic:integration:pipedrive:fetch       Pulls the data from Pipedrive and sends it to Mautic
mautic:integration:pipedrive:push        Pushes the data from Mautic to Pipedrive
mautic:integration:pushleadactivity      Push lead activity to integration.
mautic:integrations:sync                 Fetch objects from integration.
mautic:iplookup:download                 Fetch remote datastores for IP lookup services that leverage local lookups
mautic:maintenance:cleanup               Updates the Mautic application
mautic:marketplace:list                  Lists plugins that are available at
mautic:max-mind:purge                    Purge data connected to MaxMind Do Not Sell list.
mautic:messages:send                     Process sending of messages queue.
mautic:multiple:install                  Installs Mautic
mautic:multiple:run                      Run Mautic commands for all instances
mautic:plugins:reload                    Installs, updates, enable and/or disable plugins.
mautic:queue:process                     Process queues
mautic:remove:tags                       Remove tags from contacts
mautic:reports:scheduler                 Processes scheduler for report's export
mautic:segments:check-builders           Compare output of query builders for given segments
mautic:segments:update                   Update contacts in smart segments based on new contact data.
mautic:social:monitoring                 Looks at the records of monitors and iterates through them.
mautic:theme:json-config                 Converts theme config to JSON from PHP
mautic:transifex:pull                    Fetches translations for Mautic from Transifex
mautic:transifex:push                    Pushes Mautic translation resources to Transifex
mautic:unusedip:delete                   Deletes IP addresses that are not used in any other database table
mautic:update:apply                      Updates the Mautic application
mautic:update:find                       Fetches updates for Mautic
mautic:webhooks:process                  Process queued webhook payloads
oneup:uploader:clear-chunks              Clear chunks according to the max-age you defined in your configuration.
oneup:uploader:clear-orphans             Clear orphaned uploads according to the max-age you defined in your configuration.
router:match                             Help debug routes by simulating a path info match
secrets:decrypt-to-local                 Decrypt all secrets and stores them in the local vault.
secrets:encrypt-from-local               Encrypt all local secrets to the vault.
secrets:generate-keys                    Generate new encryption keys.
secrets:list                             List all secrets.
secrets:remove                           Remove a secret from the vault.
secrets:set                              Set a secret in the vault.
security:encode-password                 Encode a password.
social:monitor:twitter:hashtags          Looks at our monitoring records and finds hashtags
social:monitor:twitter:mentions          Searches for mentioned tweets
swiftmailer:email:send                   Send simple email message
swiftmailer:spool:send                   Sends emails from the spool
translation:update                       Update the translation file

run any of the commands with -h for an explanation of variables and options like so

/bin/console mautic:segments:check-builders -h
  Compare output of query builders for given segments

  mautic:segments:check-builders [options]

  -i, --segment-id[=SEGMENT-ID]  Set the ID of segment to process
      --skip-old                 Skip old query builder
      --bypass-locking           Bypass locking.
  -t, --timeout=TIMEOUT          If getmypid() is disabled on this system, lock files will be used. This option will assume the process is dead after the specified number of seconds and will execute anyway. This is disabled by default.
  -x, --lock_mode=LOCK_MODE      Allowed value are "pid" or "flock". By default, lock will try with pid, if not available will use file system [default: "pid"]
  -f, --force                    Deprecated; use --bypass-locking instead.
  -h, --help                     Display this help message
  -q, --quiet                    Do not output any message
  -V, --version                  Display this application version
      --ansi                     Force ANSI output
      --no-ansi                  Disable ANSI output
  -n, --no-interaction           Do not ask any interactive question
  -e, --env=ENV                  The Environment name. [default: "prod"]
      --no-debug                 Switches off debug mode.
  -v|vv|vvv, --verbose           Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug