GDPR System-wide double opt-in for multiple segments?

I have a small legal question about double opt-in. Maybe someone can answer it for me.

Let’s assume that there are 2 segments “Newsletter” and “Marketing”. A contact signs up for the newsletter, receives the double opt-in email and confirms his email with it. Later, he fills out a form for a freebie and should be added to the Marketing segment. Does the contact still need to receive a double opt-in email, or can I move him directly to the second segment?

To summarize: Is a system-wide double opt-in enough or do I need a separate one for each segment?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

contact not need to receive a double opt-in email, you can move him directly to the second segment.

I am not 100% sure if this is really the case. That would mean that if he signed up for the newsletter and did the double opt-in, I could move him to any segment without his knowledge.

Yeah you can move him directly without knowledge of him as he already double opted-in when signed up, so now custom does not need to opt in again.

Double optin is NOT requirement for GDPR.

You - as a marketer - have to be able to prove that you received permission to store data for the usage you specify and the other party gave concent to communication.

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