General Question re: Creating a Preference Center Form for Users to join Segments

I have a question re: creating a preference center form for use in Mautic.

I manage email communication and automation for a volunteer-run organization. We have a number of different committees and ask all our volunteers to join at least one committee. I want to set up each committee as a Segment and let the volunteers opt in or out as they please.

Is there a way to create a Form that would accommodate this? Could the form be embedded in a page on the website and/or be a preference center option in the footer of each email? What would be the best way to set this up? Would I create a form or is there another option? Is there a way to set up multiple preference centers that show different public segments that contacts can opt in and out of? Or do all preference centers just so all public segments?

I’m still learning how to use Mautic and I’m a bit of a newbie. A little extra detail re: the step by step process would be appreciated if anybody has the time.


Hi Nancy,
not sure if you found a solution - but I would do it this way for this scenario:

  • Define those segments as visible on preference center page
  • Initially send out a mail to all (new) members (e.g. via campaign, if this should be automatically be running all the time) to a form, that captures the initial selection
  • Let them know, that they can always adjust their selection via the preference page amongst all other subscribed topics, that you list as segments there

There is not really a way to show only a sub selection of preference center page enabled segments. Only on preference center pages you can see the actual status of a selection of segments.

IMO it would be a very good feature to have. A preference center for new subscribers.

So people can choose for which segments they like to subscribe to and how often they want to receive emails, etc.

As far as I know currently there only exist workarounds for this quite common use case.

One is the way @dirk_s explains it.
Another is to create a campaign for it: 1 form & multiple segments - #4 by petertl

Or is there anything else?

This is actually how we do the Mautic mailing lists, using a form-based workaround with a bunch of segments which allows people to choose the kind of information they want to receive:

(note it’s using yes/no rather than checkbox due to an unresolved bug with checkbox results getting added to segments).

The newsletter campaign looks like this:

We have a secondary campaign which processes re-validation of consent after six months from the GDPR tag being applied, where we ask people to go back to the form and both confirm the type of information they want to receive, and to give consent for us to contact them.

This was the best way I could think of to achieve those needs (including adding the consent tag) and seems to work fairly well. If folks don’t respond within two weeks to the re-consent we send one more email, then if they don’t respond to that one, we delete them.

In the future they can always re-subscribe with the same form (and we tell them that in the email, in case they missed the mail etc).

We use the preference centre in the usual way, if folks want to change the frequency of contact etc. That also has the same segments etc.