Semi-public segments possible?

Ideally, it should be possible to make segments “semi-public” – only visible to their subscribers in the preference center (making opt-out possible) but hidden for everyone else.

Reason: There are segments I don’t want people to be able to join without filling in a form. But I need to include them in the preference center so that users in those segment can unsubscribe themselves, without a blanket “do not contact me”.

Problem is that these segments being visible to everyone in the preference center means that users from other segments can join these segments without filling out the form by just checking the segment in their preference center.

Can this be achieved in Mautic 5?

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This is a new feature - you should add this idea in the “Ideas and Feature request” section in the forum.

A quick hack could maybe be achieved with some CSS, to only show subscribed segments. But then it would be gone in the moment, someone unselects the segment.

Nice idea!

Thank you. Wanted to check before I suggested an existing feature.

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