Preference Center Unsubscribe?

My Mautic version is: 4.0.1

I setup global categories that I’m using for all of my emails so users can unsubscribe from specific categories instead of unsubscribing altogether. However, I noticed when clicking unsubscribe to test, that all of the categories are unchecked, but it doesn’t actually add them to the do not contact list, while it would prevent them from getting any emails from those specific categories, if I add another then they’ll start to get those emails even though they clicked unsubscribe. Is there something I’m missing here?

I figured it out. You need to enable Show contact frequency preferences in the email configuration to allow them to uncheck receive emails. Upon saving it adds them to Do Not Contact. I did notice it won’t let you disable just the send frequency, so that field will have to remain. However there is a bug with the sending preferences that it doesn’t work.

actually if the contact unsubscribes from a segment, he should not get any further emails from this segment. If he is on do not contact, he will get no email whatsoever, no matter which segment you send it from. For me this was working, the only think I do not like is that you save the updated segments, and there is no confirmation in any form to the users, that the updated choices were saved. That is kind of awkward for the user experience.

I was referring specifically to the unsubscribe option not segments, but I do agree that the no saving confirmation is poor user experience. My issue was them not being able to unsubscribe and were only seeing segments they could unsubscribe from and not an easy way to unsubscribe from the entire mailing list, but it was just the show frequency setting. The send frequency still doesn’t work for me.

Yes, I think the preference center has some room for improvement. It might be interesting to include the general unsubscribe. If you need only an unsubscribe and not the settings of the preference center, you can disable the preference center alltogether. Then the unsubscribe link goes directly to unsubscribe, and contacts are getting no communication from you anymore.

In my case I have several websites inside one Mautic installation. So if a user unsubscribes from one site, he would be unsubscribed from the other sites as well. This is not what I want, and for this reason I activated the preference center for the person to select the segments he wants to unsubscribe. I am though still working to implement a customized unsubscribe workflow for every segment.

If you are using multiple sites you can:

  1. add preference center with public segments, so the contact can ‘turn on/off’ segment membership
  2. you can create a custom unsubscribe page for each site. You can customize header and everything, so it would look really cool. By adding a big unsubscribe button there as well you can track who clicks that button and launch a campaign + remove the contact from the corresponding segment.
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Yes i want to try to do separate unsubscribe pages for every site. I select the preference center page in the email, but Mautic kind of ignores that. Any idea what I need to do to make this work?

Quick question: are you openening from a browser, where you were not a mautic admin, right?

Yes, I am opening from a different browser that is not logged in to Mautic.

Not just not logged in, but also no admin cookie should be present. (delete cookies.)

I use one server instance and run multiple Mautic installations per site on it’s own subdomain. My clients and I disliked the inability to switch between companies.

Yes, in my case there are separate sites, but the audiences are still kind of overlapping. In order to be able to send and email to those different audiences, I need to have those sites in the same Mautic Instance.