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Unsubscribe system

Hi Support
There should be a proper system in mautic for unsubscribe .
Right now what happens when user click on unsubscribe link then they unsubscribe from all mautic system so if user have in other segment they were not able to get further email which is very drawback so what I need that when user click on unsubscribe they they should go to a page where should display only those segment in which user are not all segments from mautic so in that case user will unsubscribe only from those specific segment not all mautic segments for example if we have segment A,B,C,D and we have a user xyz in segment A and C then if user gets an email from those segments and they are not interested to get more email from this segment then they should be able to unsubscribe from these segments from a specific page and should not unsubscribe from all system .
I hope this explanation would be enough to clear you.


Mautic handles what you are wanting out of the box.

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