unsubscribe link on mautic

I added {unsubscribe_text} | {webview_text} at the email bottom and now there’s a unsubscribe link but when I click on it I got an empty page: Record not found.
perhaps I should change something on email preferences:
Unsubscribe to no longer receive emails from us.
what should I put on Unsubscribe URL?
(be sure to use url placeholder where the unsubscribe url is set to be injected)

Unsubscribe to no longer receive emails from us.
what should I put exactly on URL

If you send a test email and try clicking the unsubscribe link, you will get a “Record not found” error.

To confirm your unsubscribe link is working as expected, instead try creating a test segment, add yourself as a contact, and send the email to that segment. Then when you click the unsubscribe link, you should either see that you’ve been unsubscribed, or you end up at the preference center if you’ve enabled one.

And the URL to generate the unsubscribe link is: {unsubscribe_url}

So you can use that as the link for your own unsubscribe text, or just use the default {unsubscribe_text}, which generates the default text and includes the unsubscribe link too.

Chris Calabro thanks for your help

I did what you told me and I got the message:
We are sorry to see you go! xxx@gmail.com will no longer receive emails from us. If this was by mistake, click here to re-subscribe.

But this email is in a segment, right?
when this email is unsubscribed normally when I go to the email segment I should not found it there because it’s unsubscribed. This is not the case because I always find it in the segment even if it’s unsubscribed.

Or perhaps I don’t understand where I can find the emails that have been unsubscribed? Did they remove automatically? I need an explication, please

When someone unsubscribes, they should be marked as “do not contact”. So they could technically remain in a segment, but if you send to that segment they will not receive the email.

Personally, I like to keep things more organized. It sounds like you’d like the same, so you could try setting up two segments like this (for example):

Unsubscribed segment
filter: unsubscribed-email = Yes

Newsletter segment
filter: segment membership excluding Unsubscribed

You might also create a segment for bounces using the appropriate filter (or combine both bounces and unsubscribes into one segment).

Hope that helps!

yes you help me a lot thank you

I created:
Unsubscribed segment
filter: unsubscribed-email = Yes

and tried to Unsubscribe with an email that I own but the email stay at the same segment as it was marked as “do not contact” and it didn’t go to Unsubscribed segment.

I don’t understand the role of this Unsubscribed segment. Perhaps you mean that if someone is Unsubscribed I should move him manually from his segment to Unsubscribed segment?

What I imagine is that when someone Unsubscribe he will be moved automatically from his segment to Unsubscribed segment, no?

Yes, they should automatically be added to the unsubscribed segment as long as it’s set up with that filter. Make sure your segment update cron job is running - because the segment membership only updates when that cron job runs. Does that make sense?

1/ Ah thank you yes, I put the cron job and the Unsubscribed segment is updated (I made that the cron make an update every 30 minutes I don’t know if this time is good or I should put less or more.

2/ the Unsubscribed segment is updated but contacts still exist on the last segment when they were I think It will be better if they move from there list to Unsubscribed segment. Now they exist in two segments. is there a way to move them completely?

3/ and the last question how to do that:
You might also create a segment for bounces using the appropriate filter (or combine both bounces and unsubscribes into one segment).

I asked many questions I know thank you very much for your great help

I created the last segment for bounced emails:
filter: Bounced Emails = Yes

I will keep the segment update cron job to run every 30 minutes

Great help from Chris Calabro to a newbie like me and thank you again my friend

:slight_smile: Glad you got things worked out.

If the contact is labeled as “do not contact” is NOT going to get any other email that your MAutic system sends.

Where do I get the URL to put in Unsubscribe email settings.

Because as now when someone hits unsubscribe it says record not found.


interesting discussion thanks for the explanaiton.

However I still have a bug: I’ve setup a simple preference page, and since when I test the unsubscribe link as a test user, I see the page but the contact is not marked as “do not contact”.
Hence is not added to the unsubscribe segment and keeps receiving emails.
I can’t understand what can be wrong, any clue?


perhaps as a work around you could tag all visitors to have visited the unsubscribe page and use a campaign to mark them as unsubscribed.

Are you unchecking email and text and clicking save?

thanks for your reply!

I’ve tried the tag workaround, it does not work either. Basically, it behaves as if the preference page is not “tracked” as one.

Concerning your second message, I have tried the preference page with “categories list” only, I do not want to make it a complex page for the user to unsubscribe.

Actually, my ideal goal is not to make a page with complex unsubscribe options, but just a customized "unsubscribe confirmation page. Simply a page telling “you’re unsubscribed, thank you”, with my logo and some social links, but not necessarily a “save” button. More like what happens with the default unsubscribe text, but with my own branding.