Going back to non-composer install

Composer-installed Mautic has nothing but problem for me and with a lack of support on here so I need to return ot non-composer installed Mautic.

What the best way to return to a non-composer install? Just download latest zip and overwrite composer install with it?

Thank you

Thats what I did. Eventually composer will take over totally… we as the community need to continue testing and providing feedback so that it is a smooth install.

Personally I have suffered many hours on trying to get it to work and eventually I rolled back to normal installation…

You cannot come back from Composer. Also because it will become the only way to install and upgrade Mautic.

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If it going to be the only way to install Mautic then I certainly hope that it will be at least WHM friendly. Many host providers like myself use some form or WHM (Web Hosting Management) where the docroot folder are fixed and there may contains some files needed for WHM in folder especially hiddens ones.

With Composer, I was unable to install the Mautic in the web contents default folder or install it with path set because it complained that the folder is not empty.

Many major hostings are maintained with some type of WHM management so by restricting to composer install unless it is flexible on where it can be installed will cause clients look for different software or elsewhere.

I really like the Mautic and I think it will have great potential for my clients but going composer only will discourage them and many host provider like myself would not want to offer our clients shell access which would be needed for composer.

But I guess as a Hosting Provider you can offer a one-click installation for your clients. That’s what we are doing. I mean, if it is your own system, you can alter it the way you need it, right?

In the long run, the solution with composer is way more user-friendly than the current situation.