GrapesJS email builder > dedicated topic for reporting issues? I've got a bunch

Is there a dedicated forum for reporting issues with the GrapesJS builder?

After upgrading to v4 all my existing emails were blown up and I would get 500 errors when they tried to send. Opening the email in the editor showed the email and I could save/close the editor and it would send. But, if you tried to edit that email, the old editor UI would be shown and the content area is blank.

Thankfully I don’t have a tonne of emails created so re-creating them is not too much trouble. But, working in the new editor has proven itself to be a frustrating event.

Things aren’t saved right, code gets changed, P tags set to a specific colour show different colours in email clients, the assets that I’ve already uploaded are not exposed to the new editor so I have to re-upload all of the assets again.

I’ve resorted to building emails in Dreamweaver and then pasting the source in a code-based email. I’ve also reverted back to the old editor as pasted code stays as it was pasted. It doesn’t get modified like it does with GrapesJS.

V4.0.0 or V4.0.1 ? In the second one a bunch of major bugs were fixed.
P tags? Why are you using HTML elements?
Does Dreamviewer support MJML? If not, how can you make sure your emails are responsive?

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Sorry Joey, I should have been more specific. 4.0.1.

I’m not using MJML. I tried building the email from scratch in the builder which converts everything to standard HTML tags. Which is what it does with MJML code too. There are text blocks that I specified as white. The background of the container was grey. But when the emails are sent those text blocks were always black. Nothing I tried would fix it. It shows it correctly in the editor window. Just not in the client, Gmail in my case.

Eventually, I just disabled the new editor and built the email out in DW using tables like normal. I limit my designs to 600px wide and can’t be concerned about responsiveness at this point. Email clients are so far behind in what they support it’s best to not get fancy at all.