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Grapesjs + mj-raw -> how to use?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.0
My PHP version is: 7.4
My Database type and version is: tidb

Your problem

So i see a block for ‘Raw’ right below Hero and Navigator Link.
If I insert it, I get 6 photos of something.
But i can’t edit this block. If i open the ‘Edit Code’ i see it has a div w/ the 6 URL in it. But if i paste my raw text in there, it gets interpreted and changed.

I’m trying to use GitHub - ChrisRAoW/mautic-rss-to-email-bundle: Mautic plugin to send emails from RSS but i can no longer insert the {…} feed info, the

etc in it cause the grapesjs builder to modify the raw data, and then it no longer works.

Does anyone have any input on how this is supposed to work?

As a side note, the ‘ediit code’ is nearly impossible to use. The colour choice is unreadable by me, the font is tiny, and, if you click anywhere close to the edge of the dialog it exits. This leads me to believe one is not supposed to use it as a solution.

my workaround was to edit the database directly to remove the changes the editor made., but its super clumsy.

What do you mean by to small letters? For me it looks like this:

BTW - I created an RSS email this way:

  1. Create an email with example content
  2. Translate to html
  3. Add RSS tags into HTML
  4. Copy back HTML content

yes, it looks similar to me.
Since the contrast is low and the font is smaller, I’m assuming its not meant to be used to edit (I cannot see it, the red+black has insufficient contrast).

is what i am using.
If i paste

{feed url="<<FEEDURL>>"}
    {feeditems count="3"}
        <p><small>{feeditem:date format="y-m-d"}</small></p>
        <p><img src="{feeditem:image}"></p>

into the raw section, all the " become " and all the

become new sections. This means the mj-raw is being interpreted i think.