Product input: (how) do you use the Raw block in the email Editor?

We have a ‘Raw’ block available for use in GrapesJs Email editor (when using MJML in Mautic 4) for example, but it seems unclear what the purpose of the block is and how it is currently being used. Some would argue it is broken.
It would be very useful to get some input from the community about its use, so we can make an informed proposal for improvements.

  1. Do you use the ‘Raw’ block? If so, how?
  2. Would you find it useful to have a ‘Custom Code’ block (like Landing Page editor uses) to insert custom html.
  3. Would you argue for removal or the ‘Raw’ block, if we have a ‘Custom Code’ block?

A post like this one would suggest people see the ‘Raw’ block as a placeholder to the add code via the ‘Code view’ of the mail. Which would be bypassed by just having a ‘Custom code’ block.
But maybe others use it for galleries or something else?

We don’t use it. To me it appears broken. Or not clear what the purpose is.

I’d go with deleting it.

‘Custom code’ block could be useful but not necessary with the code editor.