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Is it possible to send HTML code that doesn't get edited by the editor on save?

I want to send HTML without Mautic messing with it. Basically I want to opt out of the GrapeJS editor and just be able to send the EXACT HTML that I provide. Not a character different.

I have a custom built email builder that we use to create emails. It interacts directly with our API to pull song data and images from our own stuff. It’s a pretty sophisticated builder but it’s 100% unique to us, hence why it’s custom. It spits out nice crushed HTML. (we use an email specific HTML minifier so email size stays as small as possible)

The problem is when I put this in code mode. Which in Mautic 4, doesn’t really look like code mode at all, it makes tons of changes to the HTML and adds ID’s everywhere and reformats it. I presume this is all to make the grapeJS editor work, but I don’t want any of that. I just want to be able to paste code in and have it send that code. Nothing else.

How can I achieve what is stated in the documentation here?

You can revert to the old builder. The new one cannot make it.

More info:

Awesome. Thanks so much!