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Hardening Mautic and File/Folder Permissions

Hi everyone,

I generally try and work through a lot of things myself, or search the forums as most things have already been answered before, but after searching about 20 or 30 pages of results and drilling down on each one of them along with reading the official docs, there’s still a lot unanswered.

I’d like to harden the install to make it more secure.
The general recommendation seems to be make all directories 755 and files 644 which is pretty common, but still seems pretty relaxed to me.
I would imagine these can be tightened for a lot/most files/folders apart from a few.

It does often depend on the hosting, but most instances I’ll use, it’s likely to be a dedicated server, running Debian, files owned by www-data user and group.

Can anyone point me to some guides, or share some of experience of making Mautic more secure specifically around permissions, but happy to hear about other techniques.

Lastly, if admins do just go with the usual 755/644 permissions are there any particularly risky files, or directories, that should be protected with stricter settings?

Any tips, or help greatly appreciated!