755 permissions at installation

Mautic 4.4.5


1st installation: 403 forbidden at the home page of new subdomain
Eliminated the software’s .htaccess file and upon landing, the program went to index.php/installer

Installer coughed and then gave “your server is offline at the moment” error.

The log files were full of errors, this piece can’t find that piece, etc.

I pulled all files off the server and let the server sit for an hour or so.

2nd installation: Uploaded by FTP 4.4.5.zip to the directory in which the program will reside.

Executed cmd line unzip command and it burst out like a champ.

Before I make another move, my question:

Does every file in the program need to have 755 permissions?

Thank you all.

You give 755 to folders typically.

Thank you. Inside the folders, there are files will different permissions.

The instructions are clear that installation issues can derive from permissions issues.

I am not clear how deeply past the file folder I should assign 755.

Thank you, I await further assistance.

If you are trying to install mautic use the cli route, you can assign owner of the entire mautic folder to your ssh user install the mautic and then just reset permissions on files and folders just before going public.

If you do not know what you are doing consider hiring a professional. I myself can offer you to install and configure the mautic for you, drop me a PM if interested.

I am trying to follow the instructions from Mautic.

I am in a little over my head, absolutely.

I simply asked a question about how deep down do I have to change the permissions to get the installation happening.

If that question tips off how over my head I am, so be it.

It seems to be important to the installation.

Thank you.

The thing is that if you set this improperly your installation will be open to attacks.

Also I find it most stable and reliable way to install via bin/console command.

About permissions: For installation only you can set owner to whatever user you are using to run web server and when you are done reset permissions properly.

All files typically have 644 and all folders 755 permissions no matter how deep. Exception to that are files and folders that need to be writable. Exact configuration of course differs from situation to situation.