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Have a code mode for email that does not try to outsmart the input code

I’d like to see an option in the code editor that allows me to simply copy-n-paste email code, without the froala editor trying to be smart about the code.

I create my emails using the mjml framework, and I trust the resulting code. I prefer to have it sent as it has been generated.

Can you be more specific regarding the ways Froala editor is trying to outsmart the code you paste? I also copy paste MJML code in there but didn’t have any issue. I even use the format code feature and it just works as desired without breaking anything

Well, there is this PR here that clearly shows that Froala does inspect and auto-correct code once you hit save. :

I trust mjml far more than the Froala editor, so my feature request is aimed to make certain that Froala keeps it’s good intentions off my code.

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