Help in a setup (I'm newbie to Mautic) => Link to external asset forcing to "bind to contact"

My Mautic version is: 4

I’m newbie to mautic…

So here’s my problem:

  • We have an existing system where users register. This is a custom web and unbonund from any wordpress and any unbound from mautic. This has been running for 4 years. We have 10.000 customers there with whatsapp phone numbers.
  • I’ve seen I can integrate mautic with twilio to send WhatsApps but this is going to take at least a few weeks to understand what number should we use, approve templates, etc.

I want this:

  1. Create a micro-site in wordpress for the existing customers and a few buttons to navigate over the site.
  2. Create an “external asset” in Mautic pointing to the “external landing page”.
  3. Import my contacts to Mautic (it’s a fresh installation, currently 0 contacts there, I want to load that 10k contacts)
  4. Select A FEW (say 100 to 200 people) and create a LINK that I can SEND over WHATSAPP manually to them and enter by my “personal phone number” (not business whatsapp, just personal whatsapp) and say: “Hey, John, how are you? Long time we don’t talk! I’ve set some fresh information that I’d like to you to look at. Please go here and tell me what do you think? https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/asset/777:nice-asset?id=zzz

Then I want that https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/asset/777:nice-asset?id=zzz is a link that:

a) Points to the “external asset” 777:nice-asset which redirects to the WordPress. (Up to here I ALREADY KNOW how to do it)
b) Forces “user zzz” to be bound to the page watching. I mean: This user will already be created because I will create it manually BUT he has never entered my mautic or wordpress. Then I want that when he enters, instead of being “anonymous”, he is “bound” to the user John.

Much as “emails” would (if I send an email to John, the system will track John even if he never entered).

But instead of sending him an email from an automation I want to send him the “tracking link” manually.

How can I do this?