Help Needed: Integrating Mautic and Alfio for MautiCamp

We are planning a Mautic Camp Africa in Lagos and our ticketing platform is but we need to integrate with Mautic so that we can capture all data into Mautic instance where we can have flexible drip flow campaigns.

We also want to use the badges by printing them which is limited to having a Raspberry Pi and we do not have that at the moment but a similar solution exists that can help us print badges from Mautic with QR codes that might need compatibility with current Mautic version.

Mautic Badge PDF generator

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@tobsowo, please help with what data we are looking to sync. Let’s connect to discuss this further.

Thank you for your interest in this.

We look at syncing the registration data to Mautic and be able to create drip flow campaigns.

Alfio do not have SMS feature but we can do that with Mautic.

Except using Raspberry Pi and Pi Touch and only a few thermal printer we can’t use the badge printing feature on Alfio and looking at alternative way we can maybe print directly from a mobile app to any printer wither thermal or laserjet.

I’ll be in your DM to see how we can take this further.

Hello @rahul.shinde checking in this.