Help setup in share hosting (I gonna be bald)

I dont understand that part escopecz

Your original problem was that emails from campaign weren’t sending, right? You thought that it was a cron issue. But cron jobs are running just fine. Aren’t they?

The emails are sending when you send them directly to a lead. So the problem isn’t in email configuration. When we ruled out cron and email configuration, it must be something in the campaign. Could you make an screen shot of the campaign actions (the graph) and describe how do you test that campaign?

Right here my good friend

The Web designing source is a form or a lead list? It would help if you’d describe it a bit.

Campaign forms

escopecz check this out

You think is problem with the CRON Job is set for 30 minutes.

If it appeared 30 minutes after form submission than yes.

I think we can call this post solve thanks @escopecz