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Help with email get stuck

The opportunity is:
I need help with some mautic issues. The problem is: When sending emails (mautic configured to send immediately) the sending of emails get stuck, even with small lists of 3000 emails. Very rarely have we been able to send more than 10k emails without getting stuck. We have mautic installed on a Digital Ocean Droplet with 4GB /2 vCPUs and we have a mailing list of 70k subscribers. We are using amazon SES as an email provider, we connect with Amazon via API. We have the basic cronjobs configured and some others.

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Seth R

Do you know what error codes you are getting ?

I have been having similar issues with 4.0.2 and have a post over here that I am sure someone will help out with shortly and this should fix your problem as well:

Try to queue emails. And send small batches to Amazon. Not everything at the same time. Probably this will solve your problem.