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How are you using Hubspot CRM with Mautic?

1.For what are you using Mautic and for what Hubspot CRM?
MAutic for Marketing Automation and Hubspot as CRM…

2. Is there a way to create segments in Hubspot CRM like in Mautic?
No, the segment are in Mautic because is the marketing automation software.
The CRM is only to have your clients records and information under one place

3.Is it possible to synchronize Mautic and Hubspot CRM? For example, if my lead moved from one segment to another, will those changes appear in Hubspot CRM?
I think this will be possible using and creating a Mautic Campaign.
For Example
If in Mautic you create a Campaign that look if your contact list visite you will create an action to move those lead to SEGMENT B.

Then you create a NEW campaign that will use the SEGMENT B as a source and you will create an action associate to Hubspot CRM Integration that update the record with some CUSTOM FIELD, let see you have a custom field in your CRM that said Contact VISIT PAGE YES|NO

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