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How do I add a particular contact to a segment manually?

I added a contact. How do I add the contact to a segment manually?

I added a contact. How do I add the contact to a segment manually?

Right at the end:

I see the only way to add a segment is to use the “Batch Edit” button on the “Contacts” page; however, why isn’t there an option to add/remove “segments” under the “Edit” details page of the contact so I can update individual contacts?

Thank you!

It is easy and straight forward to add a contact to any segment manually…

  1. go to your contacts page and select one or more contacts you want to segment.
  2. click on the batch edit icon on the contact page to open a pop-up window.
  3. now, on the pop-up window click in the box that says Add to the following; now select your segment.
  4. click save and there you have it, your selected contact is now in a new segment.

hope this was helpful.

Ok, I see the “Batch Edit” method but is there a method to do this individually under the “Edit” page of the contact?

I’m surprised that Mautic doesn’t list a “Segment” text box under the “Edit” page.

Hi olimits7,
I can understand what you want to be able to do, ie edit contact into a segment directly from the individual contact
information page.

However, in my opinion, the way mautic has it set up right now is just a simple a process as it is designed for the purpose.
The ease of moving one, a thousand or if need be all your contacts straight into any allocated segments direct from the contact page is just brilliant.

I personally don’t think that there is any problem because it is just a simple click on that individual on the contact page
and then proceed to add them to your preferred segments.

PS. Let us all remember that the mautic team is doing their best working for free to give us this software. If they
have cracked their brains to code a function that already solves a problem; why do you still want them to recode another function that solves the same problem anyways. Thanks.

I hope this resolves your question and let all thank the mautic team.