How do I select which segment my lead gets saved to?

Good day everyone. I’m Toluwalogo, a Mautic Newbie. First I have to say it’s a great software. I absolutely love it.

But then as a newbie, i have some trival problem.

  1. When creating my form, how do I select which segment my lead is saved to? Because it just saves it to “My contacts”

  2. How do I properly configure my cron jobs? Because I saw different time delays and I’m not sure which to use.

Thank you.

I am a newbie too and this may or may not what you are wanting to do.

I set up the form when contact submit the form, it apply a tag to contact.

Then in segment where I set it up that any contact with that tag is part of the segment which I assigned them to.

Thank you. This looks like it should work. Could you pls describe how to do it step by step or point me to a resource that does. Thanks again.

Are you just wanting to tag or place contact into a segment after submitting a form or do they have to do a double opt in first?

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I suggest to take this free course. Will save you lots of headache and clearify some questions: