Segmenting New Contacts

Is there a way to automatically add new contacts collected via a form to a segment?

I understand how to go to “Contacts” and add then manually to a segment, but how do I send contacts straight to a segment once they fill in and submit their info on a form?

thanks for your help.

Under components → forms → choose/create form → actions there is the option to modify segments based on form submission.

U could also apply a tag as a form submission action and use the tag as a segment filter.

ok thanks, how do I apply tags as a form submission action?

Also, when I went to edit the form, I went under “Actions” my available options are , record utm, remove contact, download asset, post results to another form, send email to user, send form results

These are the submit actions that are available. If you don’t have access to all of them perhaps you have limited permissions user account?