Creating Tags from Forms

What is the best practice for creating contact Tags from Form inputs?

I figured there would be something rather straightforward in the Form creation process but I’m not seeing it. What am I missing?

I want to create Tags for Contacts based on Form inputs. My thinking was to have checkboxes and tags would be created based on what they checked. I notice that under the Properties tab when creating a form, it asks for Label and Value. If I put “Tag” as the Value would the input from Label be created as a Tag? Or would I put what I want the Tag to be as the Value and it would happen that way? Or do I need to route the results of the Form into a Campaign and add the Tags via steps in the Campaign?

Sorry if this is a rather newbie question.

I’m also trying to understand the relative differences between Select, CheckBox and Radio Group when creating forms too. If anybody has insight to share there it would be much appreciated.


I got some help from this link. I’m still curious to know if there are any best practices for adding tags to contacts based on form inputs.




I have the same problem, have you solved it? I cannot solve it actually:

I want to add “unsubscribe” link under my email forward the receiver a landing page.
In the landing page, there will be a form and offer unsubs options as follow:

  • unsub from this campaign → Tag: campaign-unsub
  • unsub from segment → Tag: segment-unsub
  • unsub totally → Do Not Contact

If you solve it and help me, I appreciate!

Which part can’t you solve? Adding unsub as landing page the or segment unsub?
There is a video about Pref centers: Understand Unsubscribes And Create Awesome Preference Center With Friendly Automate (Mautic) - YouTube

Joey, thank you for your kind reply, I have solved by getting help from your video.
How I solve it: - Unsub from the segment is very easy by preference center, thank you for the video!

  • Unsub from the current campaign: I create a link and if contact clicks it, I modify campaign (take him out) - Unsub totally is the same mentality: create a link in the preference center, if contact click, it is added to DNC.

But I have a bigger and complicated QUESTION:

I want to lock the segments of a user if he arranges its segments from the preference center. Lock means: let’s assume a contact takes himself out from A segment from the preference center. After a while, I upload a new CSV to the A-segment, but this contact’s email is in this CSV file. It shall be ignored and the contract shall NOT be added to A segment. How would it be possible?