From segment to segment

Hello … Good evening. I have tested the Mautic and I confess that I am quite surprised by the potential of the platform. A little different in the operating philosophy, but very efficient.
Today, I got stuck because I thought there was a feature and I can not locate it.
I have two segments. A coming from a form 1 and another segment coming from a form 2 of companies. The need is to capture the form 1 data and send the form data to the business segment contacts.
Sending the result of a form to emails I’ve seen exists, but it does not make sense to add one by one in the “to” field in the submission, since this information already exists in the companies segment.
That is, there is no option to send form result to a segment, only for single contacts. That’s right?

You can create a new segment when you put together data collected from Form 1 and Form 2.

Hi, Joan …
Thanks for answering. Maybe I could not explain it correctly. Lets go!
I have created two segments (companies and candidates). The companies will use form 1 and the candidates form 2. Form 1 will have only name and email. Form 2 will have all the candidates’ professional data.
The operation should receive the data from form 2 and send it to all existing contacts in the companies segment.
However, when I try to add an “action” to this form 2 of “send the data to”, the only option that exists is for sending to individual emails and not to a segment.
That would force each company that signed in from 1 to be manually included in the form 2 action, one by one.
The ideal would be that each new company entered, would automatically receive the next form 2 data.

Hi, Ninjoan… Form 1 and 2? Where?