How many ip addresses are needed for Mautic?


I am new to Mautic. We want to install Mautic in a Datacenter to have our Newsletter Sending software.
I would like to know that beside DMARC, SFP, DKIM DNS Records, how many IP addresses would be sufficient for Mautic so that our mails are not blocked by spamfilter servers globally? Hope you can help on this matter. Thanks.

Hi, this is a very complicated question.
Dependes really what you are sending. Here is a discussion regarding this topic:

When you say dedicated IP, you should be able to manage those IPs, set up rotation, bounce management, etc. Do you have the skills to do that?


Thank you for your reply. i have never done this before.


If you don’t know how to manage IPs, you should not try it on a live system.
Maybe you need a third party SMTP, like Amazon SES.
Here is a video to guide you:

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