How to add new line in webhook?

Hi guys.
I would like to send message in separate line. But all string sent in single line.
I used before
tag and \n and \r\n and issue still exist.
please take look at my screenshot.

What are you sending to? Can the ‘other party’ understand what you want? Can it parse the new lines?

thanks for your reply.
Yes, when I tried 3rd party (SMS Gateway) with Postman, everything is fine, But in Mautic all text sent in one line.

How can you have multiple lines in an SMS?

I send multi line message to users, and broke the line with /n
As I said, in Postman everything is fine.
msg: “Hi user /n How are you?”
received in phone when sent by Postman:

Hi user
How are you?

received in phone when sent by Mautic:

“Hi user /n How are you?”

Oh okay. So we know, that Mautic will not allow you to do this. This could be an encoding issue. Maybe you wanna add a middleware to re-encode. So you’ll pass the data to your own php, and do the connection with the right encoding from there.

do you have any other solution? :confused: :confused:

Other then creating your own php, that reformats the code and posting there first?
I mean your webhook can call your middleware php, which forwards the well formatted request.