SMS Reply Y (Yes)

Your software
My Mautic version is: 4.4
My PHP version is: 7.4.33
My Database type and version is: 5.7.39-42-log / pdo_mysql

Your problem
My problem is: So I wanted to know if there was an issue with the SMS ?
I know that I made the connection right but no error log is set and in the Plugins folder for mautic there no Folder for Twilio? Which seem strange. So does a folder need to be there ? Also doesn seem that Auth Token is capturing the details
which me back to the folder.

Thank you

Hi, can you plz rephrase your question? Im not sure what you are trying to ask.

Hi everyone

I have one question related with sending a webhook, where I need to send an info as ARRAY instead of STRING

I am trying to send a webhook, including one data field that should be considered as an ARRAY.

We are trying to send SMS as follows:

“to”: [“34666555444”],

But Mautic is sending this information as follows

“to”: “[34666555444]”

For this reason the API we are using is not able to understand the info, and is not sending the SMS properly

Does anyone can assist os to inform us how to send SMS as in BOLD letters above?

Thanks in advance for your support