Webhook campaign action: send array values

My idea is: send array of values during webhook send action in campaign editor. I’m trying to send a whatsapp message using a webhook and meta api. this is the curl to send:

curl -i -X POST `
  https://graph.facebook.com/v15.0/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX/messages `
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' `
  -d '{ \"messaging_product\": \"whatsapp\", \"to\": \"WHATSAPP-DEST-NUMBER\", \"type\": \"template\", \"template\": { \"name\": \"hello_world\", \"language\": { \"code\": \"en_US\" } } }'

but the template array cannot be sent because at the moment we can only send text values. In the example we can only send messaging_product, to and type.

template array contains a text value “name” and another array “language” but all the template array is sent as a text value

"messaging_product": "whatsapp",
"type": "template",
		"name": "hello_world",
		"language": {
			"code": "en_US"

I think these groups of people would benefit from this idea: everyone

Why I think they would benefit from this idea: because at the moment it is not possible

Any code or resources to support this idea: the UI maybe could be done in 2 ways:

  • using horizontal draggable items (at the moment there is only vertical draggable items to sort data values)
  • adding a select field next to each data field where select text/array value. in this case we should find a way to tell mautic when to “stop” the array indentation (we can use 3 values text, array start, array end)

the php code maybe it is quite simple, while cycling the data added to the webhook payload in this way:

if datatype==“text” write data as a text elseif datatype==“array start” we create an array and start to add into the array all the next values until we find an “array end” datatype

I would like to contribute with this idea by suggesting a more flexible (and maybe easier to implement) solution,

right now the webhook action has the feature to add content to the body payload in a pair of key/value:

my proposal is to leave a text area so you can write the entire body payload, using the tokens you seem fit,
like the image below:

Hi everybody

In relation to ht eother commers of this chat, I am living the same , or similar situation.

I am trying to send a webhook, including one data field that should be considered as an ARRAY.

We are trying to send SMS as follows:

“to”: [“34666555444”],

But Mautic is sending this information as follows

“to”: “[34666555444]”

For this reason the API we are using is not able to understand the info, and is not sending the SMS properly

Does anyone can assist os to inform us how to send SMS as in BOLD letters above?

Thanks in advance for your support


One solution might be to use something like n8n to receive the webhook, and then format it correctly and pass it onto the final system.

Thanks for your suggestion.!