Webhook with dynamic data

Can someone help me with getting dynamic values when sending webhooks in campaigns.
I was trying to send push notifications through onesignal (because wasn’t able to send through plugin), but I want to get user’s player id which is saved in db. any way to put a dynamic value in a webhook?

Hi, I have a blogpost where I’m showing how to use something similar. is this any help?

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in this example, emailcheck is the script made by you?
I understand that I can write a dynamic field as cotactfield. But what is myauthtoken?

For you only the other token is relevant dont worry about myauthtoken. Its just an example screenshot

ok. thanks a lot.the internal code on mobile notification isn’t working and that too without any errors. any idea, why not?

hello @joeyk , will this be sent as json? the data?

can you please give example of this @joeyk

I just found out that we can only send formencoded data

Ok, so did you figure it out? :slight_smile:

actually the onesignal api only takes json data.
Can we send json data from webhook.
Can you help with the abouve postman example @joeyk ?