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Trigger In-App Notifications without OneSignal

We’ve already implemented In-App-Notifications in our app, but without OneSignal. Is there a way to trigger these kind of notifications from Mautic using a server-to-server call (e.g. via a web hook), without using OneSignal as a provider?

I’d only need a REST call to an endpoint in our app that triggers and sends the contacts along which should be targeted, plus the text for the in-app notification.

I’ve seen that I can add a webhook to a campaign. But how could I add the contact (or their email) as a data payload to this hook?


Really interested to understand how you will go about doing this. Is you app firebase based ?

To add payload to the web hook inside a campaign you can do it like this:

Hi @mikew, thanks for your fast response!

My use case is sending push notifications from our app. It is based on Meteor, not Firebase. The idea is to setup a campaign for the push notifications and let our server send them once the web hook fires.

Thanks for your sample screenshot. I guess that {contactfield=id} will include the id of the contact? That would be awesome! Is there a documentation somewhere that explains these magic bracket syntax? I couldn’t find it.


Happy it helped. I think you can find a full list of all tokens here

Thanks! I wouldn’t have found them at this place. There seems to be no documentation of the webhooks embedded in Campaigns at all, at least I could not find any.