Your software MAUTIC 3.3.3
My PHP version is : 7.2734
My MySQL/MariaDB version is (delete as applicable): MySQL/MariaDB version 10.3.32-MariaDB

Updating/Installing Errors
I am (delete as applicable): Installing
Upgrading/installing via (delete as applicable) : Command Line

My problem is :

Hello: I have had an instance of Mautic running for about 3+ years now and have migrated through all the updates. I want to “clean house” and install a fresh instance of Mautic. No problems there.

The main reason is that there are broken bits lying around. Mainly around the themes, templates, contacts, and contact field data.

I can export and import to scrub the contacts but does anyone have a recommendation on the best way to migrate the segments, forms and campaigns… preserve contact history???

What might you recommend as a strategy and what might be some of the gatchya’s? I appreciate any input on this as I need to make sure it is right (obviously!).

Might the best approach be to scrub the contacts but then rebuild the templates, campaigns, custom fields manually?

Lastly: might it be better to install a new version of Mautic and connect it to the existing database?

Thought? Opinions?

Thanks, Rich


I would like to know this, too. I have blown up my 4.1 version trying to update to 4.2.1 :rage: and now want to start over fresh. Is there a way to install 4.2.1 fresh and import the data from my 4.1 database?

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I am interested for the solution, too.