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New install with prior database possible?

Your software
My Mautic version is: 2.16.0
My PHP version is:7.2.29
Your problem

My problem is:
Can I migrate to upgraded version and import prior database records?
These errors are showing in the log:

Steps I have tried to fix the problem:

I cannot seem to resolve Mautic log and debug errors that are preventing an upgrade to 2.16.2.

My last alternative is to do a clean install - can I do that while also importing or otherwise bringing in 2.16.0 database records and lists and form and campaign?


  1. First install as the older version of database you have

  2. Second upgrade the mautic

  3. Migrate the database

Thanks deepti - so I understand are you suggesting I re-install the older version then upgrade, then migrate?

My issue is that I cannot upgrade from 2.16.0 --> 2.16.2 using my existing install. But I gather you are suggesting I re-install 2.16.0 and without any new records or forms or campaigns, upgrade that, then migrate database, correct?

On the other hand, why can’t I just do a new install and replace the database references - password and database - in the new install’s config file pointing from the new database to the 2.16.0 database?

you can but make sure the new mautic is as old version , so no data will loss. and also you should add all your old mautic files to new one , so you will not get any image(media) broken link etc…

Okay so the steps are:

  1. backup and preserve 2.16.0 everything - directories and mysql databases.
  2. reinstall 2.16.0 as a fresh install.
  3. point new install of 2.16.0 to old 2.16.0 database.
  4. upload images, etc,. to new 2.16.0 directories.
  5. attempt upgrade to 2.16.2

Do I have that right?

Hi there, I have the same problem as you. My old mautic installation run out and I reinstalled it.
I reupload the database but it does not run. How can I do?


What version was the original mautic ? you should try and reinstall this version, then mysql -u root mautic < yourdatabase.sql