How to create own token field?

Hi all

I have several segment on my mautic,
and each segment, i want put different footer text.
So to save time, maybe if i can create a custom token field, that will awesome…
if can, I will put, for example {myfooter1} for first segment, and {myfooter2} for second one.

how can achieve that…?


You can use dynamic content for this.
Choose the dynamic content from the email builder:

Create a new dynamic content and add the right custom field as a filter:

Thanks @joeyk
that is new information about Dynamic content for me… that awesome.

but not exactly that what I mean.

I want to create new token syntax, such as like this


but we can put custom token.

if we put {footer-1} at email content, that will show the custom text.

Currently, what I did is, I saved several footer text at notepad on my laptop, and I chose one a footer text, and copy paste to relevant email footer that I want to send.

Let say if I have 5 different footer, and I will send email to different segment, I have to copy paste different footer text each email.

Any suggest to do that in mautic?

I used before… and there are have feature to create a custom email template on dashboard. and we can chose and edit that email template when we want to compose and email.

On mautic, sometime I clone an email, so I have not to rewrite the footer…

but, I am curious about custom token :smiley:

Let’s say you have 5 segments.
You add 5 dynamic content as footer to each email, and the one will show which is relevant. The rest won’t.
Isn’t it what you want?


I am not sure…
but I will try this dynamic content…


Your other option is the TWIG templates plugin.
That would also work.

Yes… that is best solution