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How to determine contacts on Real Estate Site compared to Mautic Site

Do I need to block access to all visitors to my mautic domain when it is separate from my Real Estate site… The reason this came up is I have a mautic site and real estate site separate for many years…and I gets a zillion IPs each day reserving themselves a secret space in my contact records… those wandering around and not registered yet… Now I am adding another new system similar to the first… mautic and real estate site separate… I have not even hooked the New mautic to the RE site yet and I am getting a ton of ips making themselves a hidden file in case the register one day(huge space waste)… but heck i don’t want to track a zillion visitors hitting a Mauitc…I doubt they will ever buy a Mautic… I only want those wandering the RE site in case one day they may register and later buy a home…
Now finding this is worrying me… If this is true I have a ton of hidden ips taking up space on my server who visited the Mautic site and have never seen the real estate site…So do i need to use htaccess to lock out and Mautic visitors.

Has anyone ever thought about this… we may all have massive hidden ips taking up massive space in all our contact files in the hopes that one of the zillion will register one day… I am sure those wandering Mautic will never register… So do i need to find a way to delete all those that came from Mautic vice my RE site. Here I am filling in all my emails so i can get going and find I am getting 50 to 60 critters signing into my hidden ip contact form and wasting space and making it even harder to migrate if i ever wanted to… Comments please from anyone who knows if this is a problem or not.