How to export/import mautic's Landings with translations

My Mautic versions:
old = 2.6.1
new = 2.16.1

Hi all, I used to have Mautic 2.6.1 with custom made theme and Landing page with one translation and form attached.
Now I installed new server with the latest Mautic 2.16.1 but faced migration problems, namely:

  • importing mysqldump to new DB came without mistakes but web console don’t show any leads, forms or landing pages (leads do present in database by checking it with SELECT command from CLI, BTW)
  • I can manually export and then import themes, but they don’t have existed form linkage and almost not editable in Mautic editor.

I had no errors in mautic’ log as well as in mysql / apache.

Anyway for now I decided to transfer data by parts starting with more valuable artifacts such as Landing pages and Forms.

So my question is: which table (tables) in database stores Landing pages linked with translations and forms and how to export / import these particular tables into new Mautic instance with errors / consistency control? I am especially interested in how and where linked forms and translations kept in database.

thank you.