How to include changing classified ads in a drip sequence?

Hey there,

I have newsletter drip sequence and I am thinking about monetizing it. I thought about including classified ads at the lower third/bottom of each email.

My problem is that the classifieds would change over time (changing ad partners, time sensitive promotions, etc.). Therefore, I’d need an easily changeable container for the classifieds.

How could I implement this? I thought first of using DWC slots (e.g. {{dwc=classified-1}} to {{dwc=classified-5}}), but I found that I cannot schedule them by date (like it is possible for emails (unpublish at) ).

Did someone already implement something similar? How did you do it?

Hi, we used the Twig Templates plugin to do so.

  1. Create the classified in a twig template.
  2. Refer to the twig template in your emails.
  3. Change it and see how it changes in all emails.