How to install Go To plugin using composer on mautic 5

I have Mautic 5 running using the composer install method. My understanding is that all plugins should also be installed using composer…but please correct me if I’m wrong.

I want to install the new version of the old Citrix plugin, the Mautic GoTo Bundle but the instructions state the old installation method of downloading and unzipping the file into the plugins directory. Will this work with composer installs? Is there a way to do this via composer instead?

Also, since this is now the de facto Citrix plugin, shouldn’t it be in the Marketplace?

I was able to install other plugins not through composer. So, apparently, you can mix and match composer-based plugins with old-fashioned zip file installations.

Still not able to get the GoTo plugins working with Mautic 5. Opened up a ticket on GitHub: Not working with Mautic 5 · Issue #44 · Leuchtfeuer/mautic-goto-bundle · GitHub