How to make non-contact user update specific contact field via Mautic Form


I want to know if something like below case is possible using mautic :

So, we have a campaign that everytime a user sign up using a form , there will be email sent to specific email let’s say ( like below:
Hello Staff!
There is new member to be visit:
Name : contact_name
email: contact_email
phone: contact_phone
Address: contact_address

If you have visited this member, please update your visit result below:
Button linked to a form for this visit info update.

On this form (with landing page) it will be like:

You are going to update Visit info about {contact_name}

Field for “Visit Info”

Submit button. (on submitting this field on the contact will be updated)

I have read about How to pass URL parameters to a form

I have succeed to pass email automatically via url but it shows as text input, how to make it non Editable/changeable , I can’t use like Description(I have tried).

Also one thing I know that everyone with the link can update this. Is it possible to make it available only to this specific email ( ?

. Or do we have any other way to achieve the same purpose?

Thank you for your advice.

hello @mikew , do you have any idea or advice for me here?
sorry to tag you directly.

I think you could get this to work using a hidden field that holds the email address (unique identifier) of the contact to be updated.

Create your second form with a hidden field mapped to email and have that pre-populated by url parameter. Or use css to hide the email field.

Unless you have some form of login for the page you are showing the form on, I don’t see how you could reserve the page for a single user access only.