How to pause and then restart a contact's progress through a campaign

For context - I have a use case where I have automated communications going out via various channels simultaneously, with Mautic handling the email channel. I have a situation where a user may pause the sequence of auto messages delivered down an instant message channel. Perhaps because the person’s reply makes the next message inappropriate and its better then to handle the conversation manually.

It makes sense then that if IM messages are paused, the email messages in mautic should be paused as well. I can pause a campaign by adding a condition check before each email send, to see if there is a “pause” tag applied.

My question is, how best to resume the campaign after a pause? Mautic does not have a “wait until condition is true” option as far as I can tell? If I could have Mautic simple wait until a different tag is applied that would be great.

Without that option I would need to have multiple condition checks, every hr/day checking for the presence of a tag to resume a sequence. It would also mean recreating all the email sequences under the true leg of each condition condition check. Not ideal.

Any suggestion on the best and most efficient way to resume a contact’s progress through a campaign?

You are correct here about the wait condition.

There is the jump condition that you can use, however if you have many contacts in the campaign this can explode the database (or so I am told), we have however used jump events in cases like this.

So we would have a check if they had a specific tag, if they did then great go down the one leg, if they don’t then “jump event” with a wait of a day or whatever time interval you decide back to the previous check.

Other things that come to mind could be having a separate segment that is filled out when the tag is present, then to have a simple campaign that starts with that segment and on entering the segment, the only action it has is “change Campaign”. this would be to your original campaign, and in this campaign a few things:
Make sure you allow contacts to restart campaign.
First step in the campaign is a condition to see if they user has the tag, if so then the next action is a jump event to the point where they left off.

Let me know if this makes sense @robm

Thanks @mikew. Testing some of your recommendations. Works well but I am nervous of some of the issues the jump action step causes. Forum seems fill of users with issue caused by the jump action step. I think with campaigns that have many steps and will therefore need many condition checks and jump steps, issues may arise. Busy testing and will see if any calamity arises

I also did some some testing with the DNC. Applying DNC to a contact will obviously stop all communications, so works as a kind of pause button, at least when it comes to comms. All segment and campaign actions continue to run which can be useful.

If a person is in a 10 email campaign applying DNC after email 3 will stop future emails, but the contact still progresses through the campaign with all the tag / segmentation type actions being applied. If the DNC tag is removed just before email 7 is due to go out they will get email 7, 8, 9 and 10. Useful in omni channel comms where you want to pause a channel being handled but Mautic but keep comms in sync with another channel being run by another platform.

This obviously has limitations for people who are in mu,tiple campaigns and we only want to affect one campaign. DNC will stop ALL comms.

Hi @robm … you are right. That condition feature would change a lot and enable such use cases.

Have a look here and give us your vote :slight_smile:
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