How to register if a specific contact visits a page? And how to validate if they performed a certain action?


I have the following situation:

I’ve registered in Mautic a number X of contacts via API from my main website, all those contacts have basic info including their name and id (I do not have their IPs). Now, I will send all of them a SMS with a link to a landing page. I want to register exaclty which of those X contacts are visiting the page.
I have to mention that a campaign exist for tracking this process. So, when a contacts visits the page, some actions or validations will ocurr.

What should I do to make Mautic know which contacts from those X are visiting the page?

My idea
Send the URL with a specifc parameter that somewhat allows Mautic to understand which one of the contact visited.

Is this possible? Do you consider there is a another way?

For my second question:
I have a form with one field on the page that register a cellphone number. I wish to register which contact is registering the number.

How can this be achieved?

My Idea:
I am thinking of adding another field asking the contact id, so the contact has to fill that in order to send the form

Hi @jelga12

If I understand correctly, you could see if you can use UTM terms in the link and then use a campaign decision on visited page with a wildcard % inside containing the utm parameter.

For the second question - have you installed the tracking script from Mautic and are the users coming from an email or is there the possibility that they are being tracked previously ?

@mikew Greetings, thanks for your answer.

Currently I do not have much experience with UTMs, I’ll need to check on that. But regarding the first issue, I read that I could use something like this in the URL to identify the contact ?email={contactfield=email|true} What do you think?

About the second question, I have not installed a tracking script, could you point me to a documentation about that? Also, I know for a fact to which contacts I will send the page URL, and as you saw in the first question for sure I have their emails. Is there a way I can get something like:

Contact - Cellphone registered - datetime
John - 315426424 - 05/05/2021 00:00 Am
Kelly - 653554544 - 05/05/2021 00:00 Am

Hey there,

All the first thing will do is prepopulate a form field with their email address.

Regarding tracking script, in your Mautic, click on the Settings Cog in the top right part of the page, choose configuration and then tracking settings. It gives you the code and directions how to install this.