How to schedule segment based emails

Can anyone tell me how I can schedule a Segment based email send? At the moment if I want to plan an email to go out at a certain date and time I am having to resort to building a campaign which seems a little overkill for a one-off send.

I was thinking that using the publish date might work if i set the date and time to publish the email but that doesn’t trigger the email send.

Any advice you can share?

Publish date does trigger email send on time and date you set it to.

Do you have the set up cronjob for email send?

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Here you go:

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Thanks Guys, i will take a look

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@joeyk Thank you so much. this video really helped. Ive been using Mautic for over 4 years and cant believe that I’ve only just got my head around this.

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Glad it helped.

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