How to send a webhook on unsubscribe in Mautic?

Hi, is there a way to send information/a webhook from Mautic elsewhere when somebody unsubscribes in Mautic? I am trying to send a webhook from Mautic to Pabbly/Integromat/Zapier when somebody unsubscribes in Mautic (so that I make a note of their unsibscribe in my other software) but apparently Mautic has only email open, form submit, lead delete, lead point change, lead update, lead create, page hit, but no webhook on unsubscribe. Any nudge on how to let other software know about an unsubscribe in Mautic would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @PaulR

I am guessing there are a number of ways to actually do this.

One way that comes to mind is to create a preference center page where the user can unsubscribe, on unsunscrive send them to a page like
Then Open a campaign and use the decision to check if they hit the sorry-to-see-you-leave page and if they did to add an action of Send Webhook.

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