Getting email notification when user unsubscribe

Hey there,
Is there a simple way for me to get a notification by mail when someone unsubscribe from my list?

It seems like when someone unsubscribe and then subscribe again that data is not saved on the system. So let say user subscribe, unsubscribe and resubscribe and that data about the unsubscribe is gone and i can’t see it.

Is there a way to get mail about that with the user info when he unsubscribe?

Hello @yochay11,

To my experience there is no simple and standard way to do this in Mautic.
What is your use case?


Hey, the main idea is to know which mail made the user unsubscribe and to learn from that on the future.

The way i set up think is in a way that i have around 5 different website with subscribe form.

When user unsubscribe but resubscribe to get a gift on one of the sites i don’t have that data.

The way mautic works right now is in a way that if user unsubscribe it show it on the user activity. If the user resubscribe that data about the unsubscribe deleted from the user activity which is really important data i rather save.

At the moment any attempt to resubscribe the user if it’s from his side or mine remove the unsubscribe data and i want to find a way to have that data stored somehow.

Hello @yochay11,

It seems to me that in your contact’s activity tracker you will find an “unsubscribe” action and then a “subscribe” action.

Can you check?


Hey thanks for your reply,
On my version which is the newest one that is not how it work.

I do get the info about the user filling the form but the line showing the user unsubscribe disappear and i have no data about it at all.

And another good practice for the ability to send email after user unsubscribe is by sending him confirmation saying he was removed from the list by providing url that will allow him to subscribe back if he wants to tin the future.

I suggest you NEVER do this.
The person has just unsubscribed and you send them an email to tell them they can re-subscribe, it could be perceived very badly.
A bit like asking you to stop something and you do it one last time for fun :wink:


I don’t see it like that, i am sending mail that confirm the fact that he unsubscribed and saying the bottom that if he ever want to get back to the list he can press on a link. I see nothing wrong with that

@yochay11, To each his own point of view. :wink: