Unsubscribe / Do not contact contain a lot of problems

Hey, I am testing out the option to unsubscribe on mautic and i am not sure if it’s bugs but the way it works doesn’t make a lot of sense.

  1. If i manually remove contact from the list and choose do not contact i get the option to subscribe him again if i want to.


  1. If the user unsubscribe by himself from the unsubscribe link there is no option to me to resubscribe him again from the admin system.


  1. When i create a form in mautic and in the action choose “Remove contact from do not contact list” it doesn’t seems to work.

Which mean that if a contact unsubscribe and then resubscribe from a form he stay unsubscribed


  1. When i try to send a request to subscribe user again via the API I am unable to do it unless i removed the user from the API.

Which mean in both cases if the user unsubscribe by himself or if i unsubscribed the user from the system the API doesn’t work.

It works only if i unsubscribe the user by myself via the api.

Are those bugs on the system or intentional use?
The fact that the user can’t resubscribe by filling a form again seems like a bit problem.

If anyone has a solution that would be appreciated

Ok few updates for anyone dealing with the same problem.
First of all i don’t know why but sometimes i face the problem i said above and on some contact i don’t.

It seems like in most contact i am able to control the unsubscribe functions via the api.

On normal forms i wasn’t able to find a way to resubscrube the user but it seems like it can be done via Campaigns forms.

You need to create a campaigns only for resubscribe and make sure to set “Allow contacts to restart the campaign” so it will run on every new form register.


If a contact unsubscribed by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button, you should respect that. This is why the X is not visible.
However I believe you can set the email channel again for this person (in other words resubscribe), when you go to contact, then next to the dropdown (right side) click on preferences and choose the email channel again.

  1. resubscribing seems to work for me, not sure what the issue is.

  2. For api DNC options plz read the dev docs:
    Mautic Developer Documentation


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Hey thanks for your reply,

  1. Your preferences option works great thank you.

  2. The api now works as well but for some reason the same code didn’t work before (maybe something related to the contact created.

  3. So i guess the only problem left is the action of “Remove contact from do not contact list” not working on regular forms but it seems i can work around it when it’s campaign form instead.

Thanks again