How to send maximum 500 emails per hour?

Your software
My Mautic version is:2.6
My PHP version is:7.2

Your problem
My problem is:my host allows me to send only 500 emails per hour…how to set this up?

It needs to be done under queue right?
Has somebody done that. Also I would like to set it up so the sending would slowly evenly get to 500 emails per hour, not send like 500 emails in 1 minute and then stop…

please help, this is my last help request I think. I am ready for action after that.

This is not that hard to setup, check out this thread I absolutely need a throttling feature between emails

Looks like this question have been asked a million of times, I might actually try to build a menu driven program where you can configure the limit with systemd, would find time to do that.

thank you buddy, i just figured it out
500 emails cap per hour and cron send is like every 2 minutes.
so you do 500 / 30 minutes = 16 emails should be limit.
But to be sure i just set it to 10 emails limit per cron run.

Will it be accurate?

If you want to limit it to 500 emails per hour, and you change the frequency at which the cron send to 2 minutes, this means the cron would trigger 30 times per hour, so, dividing that by the amount of email to send is 500/30 =16.7, so, you are right!!!

Hi I am trying to understand this cron set

  1. is this set in emails:send
  2. where is the 10 limited set
    Im at a stand still need to know how to set this 500 limit per hour

In order to set this up you would set your limit to 25

and your cronjob would be :
*/3 * * * * sudo php /var/www/mautic/app/console mautic:emails:send

So this means that every 3 minutes you will send 25 emails, i.e. 20*25 = 500 emails per hour

Thank you very much I had the cron set up wrong and limit was wrong which I change to your specs. thank you.
One more question, In the queue left hand column (not the queue you mention in the above) do I have to run the RabittMq Or leave it to off so queue will be recognized?

I am sorry I am unfamiliar with RabittMq

Hello, I did the above setting but the the emails still went out in 100 batches for a total of 16K so I was stop by the hosting and they did not go out?

You don’t need rabbitq to manage your queue for 500 emails / hour…
Just turn on queue in email settings thats it.

Hi and thanks for replying back. I have adjusted the cron jobs set the limit to 25 turn on queue in email and taken off the rabbitmq. But when the bar for sending process it mails 100 stop 100 stop etc. until the whole job is send out and run in one batch. I am at a loss .

This behaviour is correct, what Mautic does is send all of this into the mautic spool and will only relay the mails to your ESP according to your settings.

You can verify it by checking the spool.
In mautic 3.x /var/www/mautic/var/spool/
In mautic 2.x /var/www/mautic/app/spool/default

and do an ls | wc and you will get the number of mails not sent it